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SaDSA Chair : chair@thesadsa.co.uk

SaDSA Treasurer: treasurer@thesadsa.co.uk

SaDSA Secretary: secretary@thesadsa.co.uk

Beverley Baraccudas : Beverley@thesadsa.co.uk

Bridlington Swimming Club : Bridlington@thesadsa.co.uk

Driffield Swimming Club : Driffield@thesadsa.co.uk

Derwent Valley Swimming Club (Norton): DerwentValley@thesadsa.co.uk

South Hunsley SC: SouthHunsley@thesadsa.co.uk

Kingfishers SC (Scarb): Kingfishers@thesadsa.co.uk

Pocklington Dolphins: Pocklington@thesadsa.co.uk

Scarborough SC: Scarborough@thesadsa.co.uk

Ryedale SC (Pickering): Ryedale@thesadsa.co.uk

New Earswick SC: NewEarswick@thesadsa.co.uk

Thirsk White Horse: Thirsk@thesadsa.co.uk

Whitby Seals: Whitby@thesadsa.co.uk

Website: website@thesadsa.co.uk